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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Workout Plans for January

I have to start out fast and hard. I'm really determined to get started and drop the weight. As you saw in the last post my goals were to lose 20 pounds this January. 31 Days of constant workouts. my bf's birthday is going to be hard so I'm going to double up the day before and the days after or when he takes one of his many naps that he famously takes, I'll workout then. I'm also tracking my food on the app My FitnessPal 
Now On to the Plans! Most of these are on my Pintrest and Instagram: ShrinkingGoddess

I'm combining T25  & Blogilaties January + Ab Challenge 

January Goals!

WARNING:  I am doing a combination of things. I've always been an extremist, which is really bad but I cant change who I am: I either do it full on or not at all.

 Starting Weight: 279.6  Projected ....Ending Weight: 259.6

Goals January 1- January 31  

  1.  Lose 20 Pounds by January 28th ( Boyfriends Birthday!) We're going to Atlantic City so Food and Alcohol are going to be consumed. I want a nice Jump-Start on the year and I want to feel more comfortable in sexy outfits ( wink wink)  ; ) 
  2. To Not end up in the hospital for my asthma. I really need to take better care of myself when It comes to my medicine. 
  3. Stay committed and Focused. I need to do every single workout and stick to the plans! If I get off track one day, I shouldn't let that stop me. Sometimes when I'm with my bf I'm not in fitness mode because I haven't expressed to him my workout goals yet. I don't want to be the person to always "say" that they want to lose weight. I want to BE the person who achieves results that he can see, then I'll tell him everything. 
  4. Eat Clean and Healthier. I tend to drink a TON of calories and munch on whatever's around. Then at Rutgers, I eat a bunch of random food because of the dining hall. I don't want to let a couple trips to the dining hall unravel everything I worked so hard for. Food is not my enemy but the bitch isn't my friend. I need to make peace with myself and get it in my head that what I eat is important and it matters. I am VERY close to 300 pounds! By going crazy, I could easily end up there and be so far gone that I cant catch up. I have the time now to eat right and January is the best month because everyone has a new years resolution to lose weight and eat better!

Happy New Year

Happy New Years! I had my last binge of 2014 from WAWA.... I wanted it to be Taco Bell but they were closed : (       I woke up this morning ready to start this month's challenge. I am taking January by storm, because this is my WORST MONTH OF THE YEAR! Since 2009 I've gone to the hospital for my asthma. This year I'm determined to get my lungs together by working out. I see the contradiction in that sentence but I have to be in shape in order to handle the walking around campus hence the working out of the lungs. I am also getting ready for my boyfriend's birthday on the 28th as well as Valentines Day. I always wanted to wear a tight red dress on Vday and I haven't been able to so this year, I'm excited! I have little mini day by day goals but my main one is just staying on track this January. I need to start the year off right by finally achieving some sort of success with my weightloss. This is a big month for me and I have everything I need to succeed.... I just have to do it. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My Back Story with Pics!

Well, I guess the only way for you to fully understand me is to journey into my past. I have always been overweight growing up . It was not a "new " thing for me, but I was always active. I remember I was going to a Homecoming Dance and I weighed myself. I was 222. At that point I was so upset and mortified. I vowed that I would never weigh that much again. My Sophomore Year, I decided to play field hockey.
16 Years old 2004
 I only did it because my best friend wanted to try out, but I really liked it. I ran soooo much. OMG. Of course, I was the only big girl out there, so naturally I was slow, but I never gave up. When we had to do , 10 laps around the field, I would keep going until I finished. I slimmed down during that time , but I wasn't dieting, which I should've been doing. I was 16. I eat what I want. I then played Varsity Softball that spring, and I was happy with my weight. I was still big, but I was in shape. I graduated my senior year at 201. 

      Senior Year of High School! 2007

I was a nice size then, still a little big, but I was happy.I could fit into a Size 15/16 Jean. Over the next few years I gained back the weight, naturally because I worked at Dunkin Donuts for 3 years and I was no longer active. However all of that  changed once I got accepted to The Walt Disney World College Program. It was an internship where I lived at Disneyworld and worked for 7 months. I went there at 270 and over the course of dieting, and walking everywhere, not to mention the hottest weather ever, I lost 40 pounds without even trying.I weighed myself and I was 232.

Left : Sept 2010

Right: July 2010 My 21st Birthday!

 I was pretty proud because I didn't even notice that I lost the weight. When the Internship ended I came back to NJ excited and ready to continue with losing weight, but that came to a halt when I got pregnant in July 2011. I gained back all of the weight and had my son Maxwell at 292.

Both Pics are me 8 Months Pregnant. February 2012 at 292.

I had Postpartum Depression which was a killer, I don't wish it on my worst enemy. I was pretty much catatonic and I didn't really eat much, so I did lose weight, but I was so depressed that I wasn't happy. I'm still working through some issues, but after I started to accomplish some goals( Getting my associates Degree, Getting into a 4 year school and Starting and finishing Rutgers ) I slowly came out of that depressing haze. I am a Senior at Rutgers University. I am graduating in May 2015. It's been 2 years since I had the baby I have stayed at a consistent 280. I need to get out of this plateau, I cant be this close to 300. I just cant anymore.

Halloween 2013
I was 280 I'm the same size now.

Welcome to my New Page!

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to start a new page that was separate from my beauty blog. As women we are all trying to achieve our fitness and wellness goals outside of our daily makeup/ beauty routine. We all have different sides to our personality, which is why I wanted to divide my blogs. I want you to come with my on my fitness journey. There are many tools I will use in my fitness quest. I also know that I will have shortcomings and failures. I feel like I will achieve success this time because I am at a different place in my life than I once was. I have attempted multiple times to get on the right path, but this time I feel different. one of the things I love about myself is that I never give up. I might not succeed, but I never give up trying. I want to bring you along with me to help push me to reach my goals and to possibly motivate you to want to be a healthier person. So excited for My New Beginning!